Sunday, March 20, 2016


If you have questions about what it really means to get a "good education" you are in good company. We hope the materials in this blog will help you mine the treasures others have discovered ... and make them your own ... and [as you have your own "aha !!" moments] encourage you to share your questions and observations with others who have or will someday find themselves on the same journey you are on ... wondering which road to take.

You will see that we have some dedicated pages [which are still very much works-in-progress] for the important topics of
  • the trivium
  • the quadrivium
  • faith
  • imagination
which will recur from time to time and in more or less depth in every blog posting on this site, because they are themes interwoven into human cognition and action and thus into any comprehensive consideration of pedagogy. In respect for this pervasive presence, we thought it was important to give each one a separate and constant presence in our blog ... even though none of them occurs in isolation but rather in the constant context of all the others.

There is alot to consider ... and to contribute. We look forward to your participation and comments !!

nascantur in admiratione